Oasis is a not-for-profit organisation in Splott, Cardiff, that provides support for roughly 100-150 visitors each day from around the globe, this includes people from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, El Salvador, and Ivory Coast among many other countries. Some have just arrived in Cardiff whereas others have been in Cardiff for a few years and visit Oasis to socialise with the many friends they have made there.
This project used art, photography and film to widen the experience of Cardiff to a group of clients that attend Oasis using imagination and real experience of the service users at Oasis.
Haf used the iconic CAVUHB hospital curtain as a source to help familiarise the clients with different buildings in and around Cardiff and the Vale. A well used and worn hospital curtain was deconstructed by the group and stitched and glued  back together in the same style as basic surturing techniques might be used by hospital staff.
In workshops the group used maps of Cardiff and the Vale as sources for patterns and structures. Towards the end of the project a trip was arranged to Castell Coch in association with CADW so that the group could witness Cardiff from up above.
Dewi Tannatt Lloyd was commissioned to create an online archive of this community piece of artwork – a digital quilt. The artwork was photographed and positioned on the curtain along with galleries of images and videos taken at key points.

The final pieces are curtains that are based on windows looking out over Cardiff that use a collage of drawings, print and stitched sections of the hospital curtain.

An example is below :



Some of the early artwork responding to pattern and form of the landscape:

Gweld is part of the Cardiff Royal Infirmary: people , place, future project by the Arts for Health and Wellbeing Team, Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, CAVUHB, and made possible through funding from the Arts Council of Wales.


Project description -Haf Weighton  hafweighton.artist@gmail.com – Dewi Tannatt Lloyd dewi@dewilloyd.co.uk